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Nawa Asha wants to provide access to education for underprivileged children around the country. Sponsorships and a partnership with the School2School project are the proposed ways to spread education in very remote areas where there is no access to schooling yet, and to offer this bright future to children in need growing up in families that can’t give them this opportunity.

Human trafficking
Nawa Asha will focus on human trafficking prevention. To do so, they will introduce this topic through awareness campaigns in villages where the risk of it is high. They will also run these campaigns in the schools they take care of to make children more aware of this issue and stop the ignorance on a larger scale.

Offering the children an education is also an indirect way to avoid human trafficking: in the short term, the children will be sent to school instead of given away; in the long term, these educated grown-ups will have more economic opportunities to be sustainable and offer their own families and communities a safe life.

Legal aid& Human rights
Legal aid aims to raise the voice of the voiceless, speak on behalf people from suppressed, underprivileged, disadvantaged communities for whom it is very hard to claim justice for themselves. Nawa Asha legal aid program is a free service to people having adifficult accessing to justice in case of personal or public issues, so they can stand for their rights.

Once again, by educating the children through their schooling programs, Nawa Asha will include the topic of Human Rights and their protection at all ages.

In Nepal there is a rate of 0.2 physicians per 1,000 people. Therefore, access to healthcare is very limited. Nawa Asha implements some health camps to reach these people who can’t travel to the nearest town to get basic health services, such town might be up to 2day walking distance from their village.

Nawa Asha also runs healthcare programs especially in the schools : first aid training, prevention on basic communicable diseases and basic hygiene knowledge will be part of the education provided to the children. They will enable them to avoid disease and know how to give basic treatments to people in need in case these people can’t reach a health centre.
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