Are you willing to use your hands to help us spreading education and disaster relief? With the School2School project Nawa Asha will plan to (re)build schools in very remote areas to offer local children a chance to get an education. With our disaster relief programs, we will be providing construction work of shelters and basic houses for very poor people.

You are welcome to come and join a local builders team and give a hand to build a school or a house. During your involvement you will be immersed in the local group of builders. You will also be provided with accommodation and food in the local village, where the community will be happy to make you part of their daily life.

There will be no previous experience in construction required, and your task will vary according to the advancement of the construction work.
All along your stay, the price you pay will include transports, insurance, accommodation and food. We guarantee a price without overcharge, in respect to your commitment to support us. 
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