Nepal is famous for its trekking paths. Everest being the top of the world, people from all around the globe are coming to live a mountaineering experience in our beautiful summits.

Nawa Asha would like to offer a trekking experience to connect mountain and social justice lovers in a real, cultural experience of Nepal.

Being locals, the Nawa Asha team can offer packages for one or two weeks of trekking with local, experienced guides they know and trust. These guides will take you to the mountains through different routes than the famous ones used by the government trekking agencies. If you are keen on getting off the beaten tracks, they will arrange homestay accommodation for you, using their connections with remote villages, so you can experience the life in Nepalese mountain communities.

By choosing Nawa Asha for you trek planning in Nepal, you get a chance to experience the Nepalese culture at a fairer price. Indeed, Nawa Asha having connection straight with the guides and the village communities, there will not be overcharges from any part; everyone understand that this is a social justice project and not a tourism profit-based business.

In each of the packages offered, you will pay a fair price including transport, insurance, accommodation, food and guiding. The only extra will be destined to Nawa Asha administration costs or directly to their available funds for their programs.

1-week package:

2-week package:

Group package:
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